What People Are Saying

I truly feel like Dr Vanderveen saved my son’s life. She had the foresight to order an extra ultrasound and biopsy that lead to a surprising diagnosis. She was extraordinarily thorough during surgery to the point that she discovered a major problem that I’m not sure a general surgeon would have thought to look for. He had none of the common post-surgical complications such as low calcium or hoarseness. I’m so grateful to Dr Vanderveen; I hate think what might have happened if we hadn’t found her.
As a side note, as if that’s not enough, she has an incredible personality and really helped us through the process.

I just came from a consult with Dr. Vanderveen for a second opinion. She was by far the best surgeon I’ve spoken to as I’ve had several surgeries for other things. She spent an hour with me answered all my questions. She was compassionate, kind and very learned in her field. The office staff was stellar. I’ve chosen to not only go to with her for my surgery for all those reasons, I also recognize that surgery is a highly competitive field for a female as it’s male dominated. The fact that she’s a surgeon in a male dominated field is quite an accomplishment. I highly recommend her.

Dr. Vanderveen and her staff deserve a zillion stars. I had thyroid surgery 2 weeks ago and have experienced little to no pain. Feeling better now than in years. You cannot find a better surgeon. I was able to eat dinner just hours afterwards, had her personal number for when I had questions – which I did and she responded promptly and I have been treated like royalty by her, her staff and the Rose hospital staff. They have called every day, sometime 2-3 times a day from different departments, sent cards and set me at ease from the very beginning. Everyone was patient and answered all my questions. She also found another condition and volunteered to assist in that surgery with the vascular doctor. I could not be more pleased and cannot recommend her highly enough or spew kudos. Don’t get me wrong, was not all fun. Lots of ultra sound scans, mri, biopsies and blood work but all in all not too bad. Evidently I survived.

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